New Product Launch – Freshness Washable Menstrual Pad

After many months of trials and errors, we are happy to announce that we have a new product especially geared towards women – Freshness Washable Menstrual Pad.

Details of Freshness Pad:

  1. Consist of a holder and an absorbent insert
  2. Waterproof fabric and topped with soft designer flannel fabric
  3. An opening at the waterproof fabric to insert the absorbent insert
  4. Insert made from 3 layers of cotton bamboo topped with matching flannel fabric
  5. The separate insert would make washing the pad easier and more hygenic. It is also possible to customise the absorbency by adding additional insert or other inserts of your choice.
  6. Length – 25cm
  7. Price – RM25.00 (holder and insert)

 Why Washable Pad

  • health benefit – no harsh chemicals in the pad
  • cost savings – can last up to 5 years and more
  • convenient – no need to run to the grocery store when you need one urgently
  • empowerment – be proud of your menses and using washable pad will empower yourself to take care of your body intimately
  • care for the environment – no hazardous waste that can leak into the environment and reducing paper and pulp

How to wash

Using washable menstrual pad can be daunting or as some people might say “backward” but rest assured, there’s nothing daunting or backward in going back to nature and cleaning is a total breeze. We recommend soaking the soiled pad in cold water for at least an hour. Then just wash them together with your other clothings, lingerie or your baby’s cloth diaper in the washing machine. Hang in the hot sun. Once a month, soak the pad in boiling hot water to eliminate all the built up residuals from all the washings. Take care of the pad as you would your delicate lingerie and the pad can last you for a long time.  

Freshness fabric1

Freshness Pad

 Product launch promotion – Purchase 3 pieces and get 10% discount. Offer ends 15 August 2009.