Diaper Products

We have 4 types of cloth diapers as follows:

1. EASI Fitted diaper

  • Made from 100% cotton jersey
  • Built in soaker
  • Available in 3 sizes: Small, Medium and Large
  • Available in Jiraff and ABC Bear Design
  • Closes with velcro
  • RM39.00 per piece

Easi fitted - bear

2. DRYZ Onesize diaper

  • Best selling item
  • Made of imported PUL outer and inner suedecloth
  • Pocket is inside of the diaper instead of on top
  • Closes with velcro.
  • 4 rows of button avaialble at the outer layer that is used to change the diaper from Small, Medium, Medium Long and Large
  • Comes with 2 soakers made from cotton mix with cotton bamboo.
  • Current available colours: Raspberry, Lavender, Purple, Red, Light Blue (rainbow print as picture below not available)
  • RM69.00 per piece
rainbow dryz

3. All-in Two SNAZZY Diapers

  • Made form 100% designer cotton outer layer, with inner waterproof layer.
  • Can be used as a Diaper Cover with other types of soaker, lampin, napkin, prefolds.
  • Comes with trifold bamboo soaker that is laid on top of the inner waterproof layer.
  • Closes with snap button
  • Comes in 10 delightful prints in 3 sizes: Small, Medium and Large


4. Prefolds

  • Similar to lampin but made from heavier cotton fabric that can withstand more wetness than traditional lampin.
  • Rectangular in size.
  • Many ways to use for example folded in diaper cover, folded and close with pins
  • Most economical cloth diaper
  • Can be used as a burp cloth etc when no longer using the diaper
  • Available in 3 sizes: Preemie, Regular and Deluxe in a pack of 6 pieces.
  • SORRY! Item out of Stock
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