Prefolds back in stock

Our prefolds are now back in stock. Its available in unbleached in size Medium (12″ x 16″ in  4x8x4 plys) in a pack of 6pcs.

Prefolds can be use in various ways:

  •  folded and pin using napkin pin or snappi
  • folded as a soaker inside a diaper cover
  • use as a soaker in pocket diaper or All in Two
  • use as a burp cloth

Its one of the most absorbent napkin for baby.

Get one yours today.


Prefolds pre-order

Our prefolds are currently out of stock and will be back on the shelf sometime mid-end August, if there’s no glitches  :). 

For those you wish to get them, you may book your prefolds now by sending an email to This will ensure that you will get the prefolds once they are here. Please indicate the quantity that you wish to purchase and we will notify you once the prefolds are available.  

For your information, our prefolds will be available in the Regular size only (i.e. suitable for medium/large baby). This is the most demanded size and we decided to offer this size only for the time being. They come in unbleached twill cotton.

Price: RM55.00 per half dozen.