Baby Art Kit – Clearance Sale


We have a few stock of Baby Art Hand and Foot Print Kit for sale at unbelievable price. Stocks are very limited. Please email your order to These Baby Art Kits are perfect as your baby’s keepsake or give them as gifts to friends and families.

1. BABY ART KIT DELUXE – RM100.00 (not include shipping)

With the Baby Art Kit deluxe you can easily and quickly create a perfect 3D cast of your baby’s hand and foot and display it in the supplied frame. It’s a wonderful gift for grandparents or just a beautiful keepsake of your childs early years. Using Baby Art’s super soft impression material which is safe for babies, it is simple and quick to create the cast of your child’s hand or foot. These can then be displayed in the attractive frame provided.   
Suitable for use with children aged 0-3 years old. * Makes 1 cast of hand and foot * Available in Natural Wood. * 100% safe for baby. * Instructions included

2. BABY ART FIRST YEAR KIT – RM150.00 (not incld shipping)

With the Baby Art 1st Year Kit™, you can easily create a wonderful keepsake of your baby’s first year. Along with a perfect imprint of baby’s hand or foot, each month you can mount a picture of your baby until the child is one year old.