New diaper design

Hi All

Whilst having my break from the diapering business, I thought of the idea of doing something  embroidered.  After coming up with few sketches and samples, I decided to do embroidery on my diaper and managed to come up with a new diaper design. My initial thoughts were to launch this new design in 2011 when I am fully back on my feet with the business but after coercians by my friends and few customers who have seen/tested this diaper, I finally gave in and decided to offer the new design to all in limited quantity. 

 Our new design still maintain the one size concept but is now made from soft minky layer with new features as follows:

– Outer minky layer with cute embroidery design

– Hidden waterproof layer topped ith microfleece layer

– Snap in insert made from microfiber terry topped with microfleece.

– Adjustable buttonhole elastic at the legs to adjust the sizes. No more buttons at the outer layer of the diaper.

– Diaper comes with 2 inserts.

In conjunction with the soft launching of our new diaper design, we will be offering introductory price for the diaper at RM54.00 (limited unit). Retail price when fully launched will be around RM59.90. Further, for the first 30 customers, a surpise gifts awaits you.  Shipping via Poslaju for 1 diaper will be RM6.00.

Currently, we offer the following colour/embroidery for the soft launching. Other designs/colours of these diapers will be introduced in batches from October 2010 onwards.


Interested, please email your order to  .



  1. eiyta said,

    02/24/2011 at 10:58 pm

    dah lama cari online shop yg jual cd kura-kura ni sbb slalu tgk dlm facebook Malaysian cloth diapering smua ckp dh sold out..mmg tk de buat restock ek yg ni? 😦 sgt2 berkenan..

    • rina said,

      02/25/2011 at 9:27 am

      Salam, mmg dah sold out tapi insyallah akan ada balik with new design akhir bulan april/may nanti. Selalu-selalulah cek blog ni utk dptkan update terkini ya.

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