Closing Down Sale!

Dear All.  After a few years of being in this business, due to my new heavy commitment and responsibility elsewhere, I have decided to take a break and would be closing down my online diaper business for about a year. In view of this, I will be selling off all my existing stock and also some fabric supplies below cost. I have listed here the various items that’s on sale. Email me at if any items listed here are of interest to you. I will check the availability and will email you to confirm whether the item(s) is still available. Thank You once again from the bottom of my heart for all the support provided to me all these years. I hope you will continue to make a change in the future for the children.

Below are the items that’s on sale. Cash sale only and prices are not inclusive of shipping.

Diaper Fabrics

1. 1 roll  6 rolls of white suede cloth (100 meters per roll) – RM1,000 per roll. Selling them in rolls only. No cut yardage. Delivery in Klang Valley area can be arranged.
Perfect for those who wish to make its own diaper, stay dry liner or sew their own bedpad with stay dry liner on top or any other item that requires stay dry. 
Left 1 roll  SOLD OUT

1. Suedecloth by the meters. RM18 per meter. Limited meters available.

2. Robert Kaufman Flannel fabrics – available in 4 prints i.e yellow stripe, blue love, daisy, flowers. Available yardage around 10 to 20 meters per prints. RM25.00 per meter.
Perfect for diaper, washable menstrual pad, bed pad etc
(same fabric as our washable menstrual pad)

3. Cotton interlock fabric. RM15 per meter. Great for diaper inner. Availability as follows:
– white 5 meters
– Red – 10 meters
4. Malden Mills fleece. Design no 4807. Great for diaper inner or as stay dry liner. Availability as follows:
– Red – 1.5 yards (RM55.00 for 1.5yards)
– Black – 2 yards (RM75 for 2 yards))
– Brown – 2 yards (RM75 for 2 yards)

Cloth Diapers 

5. All in One EASI cotton fitted diaper. Available in 2 prints: ABC Bear / Giraffe. Sizes available in S (100  66 pieces avail), M (8 5 pieces avail), Large (50 36 pieces available) and XL (10 pieces avail). RM20 per piece. Retail price is RM39.00. Only sizes Small,  Large and X-Large.  Medium sold out.

Easi fitted is made from 100% cotton fabric (outer jersey layer with an inner of luxuriously soft terry fabric). It has a sewn in soaker and hidden waterproof layer. Although there is a waterproof layer sewn inside, since its made from 100% cotton, we recommend that babies be changed every 2 to 3 hrs (depending on yr baby). Its perfect for use at home. For outing, please use the diaper with a waterproof fabric.

Small size will fit newborn babies until ard 5-6kg (up to 5/6 months)

Medium size will fit babies of 6 to 10-12kg (6 to 12 months)

Large size will fit babies of 12 to 18kg (12 to 18 months)

XL will fit babies up to 3 years.

Please note that you may choose which prints you want but we cannot guarantee that the requested prints will be available in the size that you requested. Therefore, if the requested print is not available,  we will provide you with the next available print.

6. First design of our pocket diaper. RM25.00 per piece without soaker. Available as follows:
Small size
– Baby Blue – 1 pcs
– Sky Blue – 11 pcs
– Saturn / Dark Blue – 8 pcs
– Perinwinkle – 3 pcs
– Sage – 3 pcs
– Burgundy – 5 pcs
– Light Yellow – 4 pcs
– Yellow – 7 pcs
– Raspberry – 6 pcs
– Melon – 1 pc
Medium size(with soakers) – RM35.00 per piece
– Melon – 4 pcs
– Burgundy – 1 pcs
7. Prefolds (Indian) (Medium size). 100 pieces available. RM6.00 each. Retail price is RM55 per half dozen. Min purchase is 5 pieces per order.  10pcs left @ RM6.00 per pieces  SOLD OUT

8. For snazzy diaper, we only have the following left
Large size
1. Lolli Dot – with soaker 1 left – RM40.00, without soaker – RM35.00
2. Cocoa Dot – with soaker 2 left – RM40 each
3. Brown Daisy – with soaker 1 left – RM40 each without soaker – RM35.00
4. Black Dots – without soaker 1 left – RM35
Medium size
(with soaker – RM40 each)
1. Monkey – left 1
2. denim – left 2 left 1
3. Brown Daisy – left 1
4. Lolli Dot – left 1

Small size
Monkey – left 1 without soaker RM35 SOLD OUT
9. For DRYZ. We have a few more colours avaialable (Raspberry, Red, Blue, Sage, alien print). Limited qty. Please enquire availability. we have 2  1 left (lavender colour with soakers) RM40.00

10. BabyStep Soft sole leather shoes. – RM30 per pair. Retail price is RM60.00 Availability as follows, Email for pictures. Files in pdf form 🙂 SOLD OUT
Small size
– Bear – 5 pairs
– Love – 5 pairs
– Trainers – 5 pairs
– Football – 2 pairs
– cat – 4 pairs
– Aeroplane – 2 pairs
– Dolphin – 4 pairs
– Flower 3 pairs
Medium size
– Dolphin – 5 pairs
– Bear – 3 pairs
– Aeroplane – 3 pairs
– Trainers – 4 pairs
– Duck – 1 pair
– Cat – 5 pairs
– Love – 4 pairs
Large Size
– Dolphin – 7 pairs
– Trainers – 3 pairs
– Bear – 6 pairs
– Love – 6 pairs
– Aeroplane – 2 pairs
Cat – 7 pairs
Size Guide for Shoes
Small (0-6 Mos) Length 12.00cm Width 5.75cm
Medium (6-12 Mos) Length 13.00cm Width 6.25cm
Large (12-18 Mos) Length 14.00cm Width 6.50cm

Pocket diaper 1st generation


Easi Fitted - ABC Bear print

Easi Fitted-Giraffe print


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